CAC – Dick Russell

“I am almost 70 years old and worked as a Land Surveying Technician from my time as a Co-op student at Northeastern University in 1966 until my ‘retirement’ in the beginning of 2015. Unfortunately, my college education was never completed due to the Vietnam War.

I was born and raised in Lynn. I am a widower with the custody of a handicapped stepson. I have no intention of moving from Lawrence, so I consider myself here for the ‘long haul’.

I was Survey Party Chief from 1972 until my retirement.

This position involved all aspects of fieldwork including construction layout, urban and rural surveys, highway surveys for MADOT, and work on various forms of rail transportation including prolonged projects along the Amtrak right of way between Boston and Aberdeen, MD and a 3 year stint of surveying the entire MBTA underground track system.

I have worked on preliminary and final surveys of various redevelopment projects including the Faneuil Hall area in Boston, MIT’s redevelopment of the area just outside of Cambridge’s Central Square. Other areas worked include the Assembly Square area in Somerville spread over almost 50 years, Malden, and the old Squantum Naval Air Training Station in Quincy.

These various projects have given me a little different perspective on redevelopment than a lot of people may have.”

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