CAC – Jonas Stundza

Mr. Stundza has been involved in numerous activities in Lawrence and service on city boards since 1977, including:

  • Board member for the Immigrant City Archives/Lawrence Historical Center (1978- 1980’s)
  • Lawrence Historical Commission (various terms-1990’s to 2016)
  • Advisor to the Lawrence Heritage State Park (LHSP) Visitors Center 1990’s
  • Served on the first board of the Friends of the LHSP (1980’s – 2010 )
  • Advisory board to the State on half way houses in Lawrence 1980’s
  • President of the North East Region board for the Mass. Council for the Arts & Humanities (1990’s)
  • Four time panelist for the Lowell Folk Art festival  (1990- 2016)
  • Board member for the Friends of the Lawrence Public Library  ( 2014-2016 )
  • Founding member of the Bread & Rose Heritage Committee and consecutive service to the committee (1980’ to 2015)
  • Save Den Rock Park citizens’ group  (1980’s)
  • Arts for Lawrence, to save the Wolcott/White Fund paintings (1985-2005)
  • Available housing/mill space for artists in Lawrence  (1990’s)
  • Concerned Citizens for Lawrence  (1990’s)
  • American Lithuanian Council –pres., American Lithuanian  Community Inc., Lithuanian National Guard in Exile officer, Lithuanian Folk Art Institute- International Board member, board member of the Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Science  and archivist for the Lithuanian Alliance of America
  • A member of the Sierra Club, WGBH, Mass Historical Society, Audubon Society

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