Urban Renewal Plan for Approval

Compiled Plan

LawrenceTBD Urban Renewal Plan

Individual Sections

Table of Contents and Executive Summary
Section 1 Characteristics
Section 2 Eligibility
Section 3 Objectives
Section 4 Financial Plan
Section 5 Required Municipal Approvals
Section 6 Other Requirements
Section 7 Citizen Participation


Table of Contents and Appendices A-C

  • Appendix A Municipal Approvals and Letters of Support
  • Appendix B Economic Development and Real Estate Market Conditions and Trends: FXM Associates
  • Appendix C: Feasibility Analysis for a Lawrence 40R Overlay District and 370 Essex Street: Stantec

Appendix D Public Engagement Materials

Appendices E-G

  • Appendix E Minutes of Public Meetings
  • Appendix F Media Reports
  • Appendix G Notifications

Appendix H Proposed Text for Zoning Changes
Appendix I Environmental Notification Form (MEPA)
Appendix J Parcel Inventory